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Renee Andreasen

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Renée Andreasen
Renée Andreasen

Hi! I’m Renee. I transform lives by helping people become healthier, more inspired, and live the life they love. I bring a healing presence to my clients and create optimal conditions for the mind and body to heal and thrive.

I connect deeply with my clients to help them tap into their motivations and desires, and find ways to be more energetic, engaged and fulfilled in all aspects of life.

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Deep Health and Healing

Living a life you love is possible, even with chronic disease, digestive problems or autoimmunity. I firmly believe that the body will heal given the right conditions. Let’s work together to create the environment your body and mind need to get back to feeling healthy and inspired.

My approach is high-touch and results oriented. I care deeply about your experience in working with me. Consider me the “project manager” of your healing journey as we work together. I will dive into the details and do the detective work that others may have not, find any gaps or new ideas to help you identify the food and environmental factors that trigger your symptoms, clear them out of the way so your body can focus on the healing it needs. 

After we’re done working together you’ll have improved symptoms, feel a greater sense of calm and control, and gained a friend for life; me. For our longer packages, together we will build a stronger care team, ensuring you have the support you need for the rest of your healing journey. 

30 Day Coaching Package

  • A comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • A 90-minute initial consultation during your first week
  • 4 30-minute follow-up consultations
  • Unlimited  text messaging support for 30 days
  • Meal plans, personalized weekly
  • Supplement discount (US only)

Options to split or pay weekly available.


3 Month Coaching Package

  • A comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • A 90-minute initial consultation during your first week
  • 12 (30-minute) or 6 (60 minute) follow-up consultations
  • Access to Healthy and Inspired Curriculum
  • Unlimited text messaging support for 3 months
  • Meal plans, personalized weekly
  • Supplement discount (US only)
  • Followup comprehensive nutritional assessments monthly, or as warranted

Options to pay monthly or weekly available.

$997 ( or 332/month)

6 Month Coaching Package

  • A comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • A 90-minute initial consultation during your first week
  • 12  (30-minute) or 6 (60 minute) follow-up consultations
  • Access to Healthy and Inspired Curriculum
  • Unlimited text messaging support for 6 months
  • Meal plans, personalized weekly
  • Supplement discount (US only)
  • Follow Up comprehensive nutritional assessments monthly, or as warranted.

Options to pay monthly or weekly available.

$1697 (or $282/month) 

Resilient and Inspired

People rely on you, but who’s taking care of you? Find refuge in the chaos of today’s world with me as your guide. I will help you establish your new self-love routine through exploring the foundations of wellness, personal strength and spirituality. This is a special time exclusively with me to build personal strength, identify your values, understand and harness your strengths, and connect deeper with those who mean the most to you; so you can thrive through times of adversity. 


Resilience is a learned skill, it’s not something we’re born with. Tools of resilience help us maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods, and reduces the risk of mental and physical illness. I will teach you practical tools and mindset shifts that build resilience and make navigating difficult times easier by turning adversity into triumph. Times have been tough lately, let me help you get back to feeling healthy and inspired. 


Each week we will meet 1:1, where you get personalized coaching on the foundations of resilience. I will work with you to uncover what’s keeping you from feeling and being your best.


If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and tired, this program is for you. In this 8 week journey you’ll have me as a trusted partner to explore your foundations of resilience. We will form a tight bond and will forever be connected after our time together. You will have revelations about yourself and your purpose in life. We will have fun! We will laugh, we will rejoice, we will learn and you will FEEL again. 

Module 1: Healthy Foundations:

  • Stress and Resilience
  • Rest and Sleep
  • Nutrition

Module 2: Strength in Self

  • Movement
  • Self-Compassion
  • Values Based Future
  • Exploring Your Story

Module 3: Strength in Connection

  • Connection and Relationships
  • Flow, Creativity and Play


Quick Nutrition Reset

Life has gotten in the way of your mojo, you’re not feeling your best and know nutrition is a part of the picture. This package is designed for those who have a good understanding of healthy eating but need a little guidance and accountability with getting back on track. 

Work with me to turn things back around. I will provide structure, accountability and fun. Together we’ll find your motivation again and create new habits and find new foods that support you feeling your best.