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More and more health care concerns these days are caused by acute and chronic conditions directly connected to poor nutrition. A striking portion of cardiovascular disease and cancer cases can be ascribed to unhealthy diet and obesity. Nutrition counseling can provide an efficient protocol combined with sound advice for the prevention and management of nutrition-related conditions. Nutrition counseling programs can be modified to meet the needs of patients diagnosed with specific illnesses. 

What is Nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition counseling is a complementary process to establish goals, set priorities, and create specialized action plans which recognize and encourage responsibility for self-care. Nutritional counseling is a continuous process in which a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RD/RDN) assesses the patient’s dietary intake and identifies what needs to be changed. It is integral to improve your health by moderating and maintaining variety and balance in your diet.  

Nutritional counseling is usually available at treatment clinics for patients suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. Programs from nutrition counselors commonly involve fitness regimens and nutritional supplements. Through these programs, the patient’s health needs are met. 

What Does a Nutrition Counselor Do?

A nutrition or diet counselor is responsible for educating patients about food nutrition and its effects on one’s quality of life and overall well-being. The duties of a nutrition counselor include meeting with patients, assessing their current eating habits, and informing them about the importance of making healthier food choices. In some cases, counselors educate the patient, and in most cases, they work with the patient to establish nutrient goals and meal plans. 

The requirements needed to become a registered dietitian or nutrition counselor vary from state to state. There are few regulations in some states, while other states such as Washington State require completion of a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, dietetics, and 900 hours of supervised practice over three years. Important skills needed in the profession include patience, empathy, and excellent verbal communication, among others.  

The occupations of a nutritional counselor, nutritionist, and dietitian can overlap with several distinct differences. Any person can call themselves a nutritionist or nutritional counselor in most states, but there are strict legal regulations for calling yourself a dietitian. Registered dietitians have more education and legitimacy under their title, which requires a bachelor’s degree and many hours of internship. Registered dietitians can call themselves nutritionists, but nutritionists aren’t legally allowed to call themselves dietitians. 

Difference Between Nutrition and Diet

Why is Nutrition Counseling Important?

Each person will have different needs regarding which diet regimen to follow, supplements to take, and exercise routines to perform to maintain good health. Because of this, a specialized approach should be taken with the help of consultation and assessment from a reputable nutrition counselor. 

Nutrition counselors adhere to the famous quote attributed to the Greek physician Hippocrates that goes, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Food has always been the most effective tool to combat diseases and maintain the body’s overall health. A healthy diet has been directly connected to improvements in obesity, diabetes, and heart-related diseases. 

One of the best parts about switching to a healthy diet and starting an exercise routine is that the effects can be felt in several days in the form of improved focus, increased energy, and better sleep. Even small changes in your diet and activity can greatly improve the quality of your life in the long run.

Benefits of Nutritional Counseling

Food does more than simply eliminate hunger and provides energy for our daily tasks. Your food choices can also have a quantitative effect on your ability to focus, think, and react. Here are some other benefits of nutritional counseling:

Better Focus

There are times that we feel sluggish and hazy after a certain meal. Sometimes we find it hard to focus after eating. This can be a result of unhealthy food choices. A good nutritional plan can help you focus better and perform better doing daily tasks. 

Better Sleep Cycle

Good sleep varies in every person, but most of us require 7 to 8 hours of adequate sleep each night. We rarely link nutrition to sleep, but in reality, the quality of the food we eat determines the quality of our sleep. Studies have found that insufficient sleep increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and other health problems. 

Having insufficient sleep starts a vicious cycle since people who lack sleep are more likely to eat more. Scientific studies show that sleep-deprived people are more likely to choose foods high in calories and with low nutritional value. The studies conclude that the brain’s reward-seeking areas are stimulated after insufficient sleep, which increases food cravings. Committing to a healthier diet under the supervision of a professional ensures a better sleep cycle. 

Fewer Mood Swings 

Our bodies are composed of highly complex chemical systems, and having the wrong element can have detrimental effects. For example, alcohol has been known to increase one’s aggressive tendencies. This is just one clear example where a dietary choice can determine one’s mood. 

Although mood swings caused by foods are less noticeable than those caused by alcohol, it’s critical to be informed about dietary choices that spoil your mood with the help of a nutritional counselor. 

Combats Depression and Anxiety

Committing to a healthier lifestyle can improve how you feel about yourself and give you the self-assurance that you are making positive choices to improve your life. Chemical and psychological factors coming from a healthy regimen can naturally combat and prevent depression and anxiety. 

What Can Nutrition Counseling Focus On?

Many health conditions are directly linked to unhealthy food choices, and many patients feel significant improvements when they commit to a healthier way of life. Nutritional consultation can focus on the reversal, management, and prevention of these common health conditions: 


An increasingly common health condition in the United States, obesity can cause complications such as high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and sleep disorders. Treatment is determined by the root cause and the severity of the condition. Nutrition consulting can help the patient with an actionable and sustainable plan. 

When patients attempt to create a weight loss plan by themselves, they do it without medical supervision and advice. People suffering from obesity shouldn’t feel alone when going through their weight loss journey. It’s only through proper nutritional consultation and assessment that you can monitor effective dietary changes. 


Another common health condition in the U.S., Diabetes, can lead to more serious symptoms if left unchecked. These days, sugar is included in just about any processed food in the market, making it extra difficult for people with diabetes. A trusted diet counselor can help patients find healthier substitutes for regular foods. 

Cardiovascular Diseases

Having an unhealthy eating habit is directly connected to heart conditions. According to a 2020 scientific study, more than two-thirds of cardiovascular disease-related deaths worldwide can be linked to food choices. The study concluded that 6 million deaths could have been prevented through healthier diets. Nutritional counselors can help educate patients about the long-term consequences of poor food choices and guide them through efficient health protocols to maintain a healthy heart. 


There are cancer risk factors that are beyond our control, such as genetics and environment. But medical studies show that about 70% of cancer risk factors are controllable, including our diet. Making healthier food choices, getting regular exercise, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco are all play a critical role in preventing cancer. 

The foods we choose to eat can significantly affect our overall health, including the risk for cancer. Certain diets are more effective in lowering and preventing the risk for cancer, such as a traditional Mediterranean diet. This diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats like olive oil has been known to diminish the risk for different common cancers, including breast cancer. It’s always best to consult a nutritional counselor for a diet that suits your specific condition.  

Who Needs Nutrition Counseling?

Having a healthy relationship with food is critical to our overall well-being. That’s why a healthy lifestyle is a priority for more and more people. However, achieving daily nutrition requirements can be difficult because of different mental and physical health challenges complicating their dietary options. 

Nutritional counseling is a powerful solution for people who need help with:

  • Obesity and abnormal weight gain
  • Eating disorders
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Food allergies
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Gastrointestinal issues 
  • Depression, anxiety, or trauma 
  • Substance abuse 
  • General health concerns 

To conclude, there is no right or wrong reason to seek nutritional counseling. If you believe you need dietary guidance to improve your health, booking an appointment with a Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist would be the next smart step to take. 

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Deep Health and Healing

Living a life you love is possible, even with chronic disease, digestive problems or autoimmunity. I firmly believe that the body will heal given the right conditions. Let’s work together to create the environment your body and mind need to get back to feeling healthy and inspired.

My approach is high-touch and results oriented. I care deeply about your experience in working with me. Consider me the “project manager” of your healing journey as we work together. I will dive into the details and do the detective work that others may have not, find any gaps or new ideas to help you identify the food and environmental factors that trigger your symptoms, clear them out of the way so your body can focus on the healing it needs. 

After we’re done working together you’ll have improved symptoms, feel a greater sense of calm and control, and gained a friend for life; me. For our longer packages, together we will build a stronger care team, ensuring you have the support you need for the rest of your healing journey. 

30 Day Coaching Package

  • A comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • A 90-minute initial consultation during your first week
  • 4 30-minute follow-up consultations
  • Unlimited  text messaging support for 30 days
  • Meal plans, personalized weekly
  • Supplement discount (US only)

Options to split or pay weekly available.


3 Month Coaching Package

  • A comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • A 90-minute initial consultation during your first week
  • 12 (30-minute) or 6 (60 minute) follow-up consultations
  • Access to Healthy and Inspired Curriculum
  • Unlimited text messaging support for 3 months
  • Meal plans, personalized weekly
  • Supplement discount (US only)
  • Followup comprehensive nutritional assessments monthly, or as warranted

Options to pay monthly or weekly available.

$997 ( or 332/month)

6 Month Coaching Package

  • A comprehensive nutritional assessment
  • A 90-minute initial consultation during your first week
  • 12  (30-minute) or 6 (60 minute) follow-up consultations
  • Access to Healthy and Inspired Curriculum
  • Unlimited text messaging support for 6 months
  • Meal plans, personalized weekly
  • Supplement discount (US only)
  • Follow Up comprehensive nutritional assessments monthly, or as warranted.

Options to pay monthly or weekly available.

$1697 (or $282/month) 

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Resilient and Inspired

People rely on you, but who’s taking care of you? Find refuge in the chaos of today’s world with me as your guide. I will help you establish your new self-love routine through exploring the foundations of wellness, personal strength and spirituality. This is a special time exclusively with me to build personal strength, identify your values, understand and harness your strengths, and connect deeper with those who mean the most to you; so you can thrive through times of adversity. 


Resilience is a learned skill, it’s not something we’re born with. Tools of resilience help us maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods, and reduces the risk of mental and physical illness. I will teach you practical tools and mindset shifts that build resilience and make navigating difficult times easier by turning adversity into triumph. Times have been tough lately, let me help you get back to feeling healthy and inspired. 


Each week we will meet 1:1, where you get personalized coaching on the foundations of resilience. I will work with you to uncover what’s keeping you from feeling and being your best.


If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and tired, this program is for you. In this 8 week journey you’ll have me as a trusted partner to explore your foundations of resilience. We will form a tight bond and will forever be connected after our time together. You will have revelations about yourself and your purpose in life. We will have fun! We will laugh, we will rejoice, we will learn and you will FEEL again. 

Module 1: Healthy Foundations:

  • Stress and Resilience
  • Rest and Sleep
  • Nutrition

Module 2: Strength in Self

  • Movement
  • Self-Compassion
  • Values Based Future
  • Exploring Your Story

Module 3: Strength in Connection

  • Connection and Relationships
  • Flow, Creativity and Play


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Quick Nutrition Reset

Life has gotten in the way of your mojo, you’re not feeling your best and know nutrition is a part of the picture. This package is designed for those who have a good understanding of healthy eating but need a little guidance and accountability with getting back on track. 

Work with me to turn things back around. I will provide structure, accountability and fun. Together we’ll find your motivation again and create new habits and find new foods that support you feeling your best.